Software localization

Software localization 

People often have two extreme ideas about localization and translation. Some people think that localization and translation are the same, while others claim that localization and translation are completely different. However, most work in the process of localization is translation, yet it is more than translation.

Localization includes a set of processes in internationalization design, engineering, translation, testing, etc. At the same time, during the translation process, localization must be included. Otherwise the resulting translation will certainly not be satisfactory.

We have experience in software and website localization and have participated in the localization of many products from IBM, Autotask, etc.

We would like to help more clients achieve product localization, with our extensive experience and professional knowledge.

The specific operation involves processing software products in accordance with language requirements of specific regions and countries, so as to meet the specific linguistic and cultural needs of the client.
During this process of software production, accurate translation, knowledge about language and culture, and innovative technologies are all keys to success.

We can integrate our language speciality and technology advantages to provide the most suitable localization service portfolio, ensuring that the client will succeed in any market.

Software products have features that require translating and adapting message texts in the software, as well as in the printing, packing, user’s manual, Web based content message, online help, etc.

The technical translation and localization team at Etrans is involved in the localization processes of various system platforms and file formats. They will begin by translating user interface elements, including menu, hot key, dialog box, as well as the reference and error messages, translation help, document and program package. They will comply with requirements of the text code system, input method, currency and date format, and in particular, the length of the string must be adjusted for the translation, so as to adapt to the interface and interface control layout and update the help file and user’s manual in accordance with the interfaces.

Once completed, the user interface and menu are easy to understand. At this stage, technical content can be correctly communicated in the linguistic expressions and the functions stated in the help system are finalized and consistent with those of the software. Finally, the user can experience the content as prepared and developed for the target market.

Our software localization services include
  ■ Online help system (HTML, Adobe, Win Help file, RTF and CNT file, etc.)
  ■ Software components
  ■ User interface / shortcuts
  ■ User’s manual
  ■ Resource file
  ■ Images and icons

With the use the latest translation memory software and processing of any file format with localization software, so that the market reach of the products is maximized. Furthermore, if and when it is necessary, localization ugrading is carried out in the most cost-effective way.