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Etrans - The Best Company for Translation

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Is it easy to find a satisfactory translation company?

"It can be easy, and can be hard! The key is whether you can find the correct one!" Said Mr. Li, Manager of a foreign trade company in Shenzhen.

Multi-language translation becomes a hard issue with the growth of the foreign trade company

According to Mr. Lin, in the initial business stage, the company only carried out trades with the US, and basically written translation was OK, and at this time it was easy to get a satisfactory translation company, as most small translation companies or even part-time translators could complete the work smoothly. However, with the growth of the company, the businesses have been expanded to dozens of countries such as US, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, and it was a nuisance to get a satisfactory translation company.

"The documents had to be translated into many languages, and there were written translations and oral interpretations! There were also more field specific documents, and frequently we are troubled by some infrequently used languages. The best way was to get a satisfactory translation company to outsource 'bundles of translations', but only a few such translation companies were available!" Said Mr. Lin when he recalled the trouble one year ago.

However, currently Mr. Lin has removed the 'burden' easily, as he has all the business translations in his company "bundle outsourced" to Etrans Shenzhen Co., Ltd.

"With ample experiences, strong team strength, and responsibilities, Etrans Shenzhen Co., Ltd. is competent for all the translations and interpretations in the areas we involve! As a matter of fact, there are only a few such translation companies!" Said Mr. Li with his deep satisfaction to Etrans Shenzhen Co. Ltd.

Etrans Shenzhen, a translation company most satisfied by customers

According to information, Etrans Shenzhen Co., Ltd. started its business in Hong Kong, and is an honorary member of two world translation associations as GALA and Proz. As a professional translation company growing up in a place with international cultural elements, Etrans Shenzhen knows much about the importance of translations and interpretations in international trade communications and cooperation for companies, and from the very beginning, it has been attached much importance to the customer needs to enhance its service strength and increase the service level, which is well known in Hong Kong and CBD in Shenzhen.

To ensure the service quality, Etrans Shenzhen is very rigorous in terms of the engagement of "translators", and all the employees are experts with 5-10 years’ experience in the localization industry. Moreover, with constant adjustments to meet the company needs, and with the support of the team of elites, Etrans Shenzhen is able to provide translation and interpretation services for over 100 languages. In terms of the service fields, Etrans Shenzhen focuses its businesses in technical sectors as the IT, engineering, mechanical, electronic, energy, environment protection, medical and chemical industry, and also covers various sectors such the legal, financial, and cultural industry.

Because of the high quality of field specific translation services, for foreign trade companies in Hong Kong and CBD in Shenzhen, Etrans Shenzhen has been considered as the "most professional translation consultant", with over 2,000 customers in cooperation, including large international companies as CNPC, Lenovo and Huawei, as well as many companies in World Top 500, and it is considered as "the best translation company".

However, facing the appraisals from the customers, Etrans Shenzhen cares more about the customer satisfaction. "Whether the services are good or not is in the mind of the customers! What we care is not 'the best one', but the one most satisfied by the customers!" Said Mr. Cao, General Manager of Etrans Shenzhen.

For more information, please visit the website of Etrans Shenzhen Co., Ltd.:

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