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Etrans - Stories with over 200 companies

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In the middle of February, Shell 2014 Asia Multi-language translation project revealed its award in competitive biding, Hong Kong Etrans Co., Ltd. (Etrans Co,. Ltd) outperformed the competitors and won the translation of the project in all languages in Asia. However, facing the congratulations from the colleagues and friends, Mr. Cao, General Manager of the company was very calm.

“We have cooperation with over 200 large international companies!” Replied Mr. Cao in his microblog.

This is really true. For a long time, the translation company starting its businesses in Hong Kong has been conducting its business silently, but created outstanding performances, and becomes the partner of first choice for many international companies for translation services in Asia.
“Hub” of multi-language translations for 200 international companies in Shenzhen
In the customer list of Hong Kong Etrans Co., Ltd., you can find such familiar names as Apple, Dell, Google, IBM, Intel, China TeleCom, China Mobile, China UniCom, CNC, ICBC, CCB… and some people say that Etrans Shenzhen is the joint liaison center for World Top 500 and China Top 500 in Shenzhen.

According to surveys, in recent years, though the world economy is unstable, the emerging economic bodies in Asia are still the regions with the fastest economic growth in the world. In particular in China, though the economic growth becomes slower in the background of transformation of models, it is still the main economic body with the fastest economic growth in the world. In this background, large international companies settle in Asia, and large companies in China also have a strong trend of “going abroad”, and the needs of translation service are also increased day by day. It is shown in the relevant statistics that, in 2012, the market scale of outsourcing of translations in the world reached US$ 33.5 billion, among which one third was in the emerging markets in Asia.

“In this background, excellent Asian translation companies can be more valued by international companies, and Hong Kong Etrans is one of the winners. ” Said one expert in the translation industry.

“To know the list of names of international companies with the highest rigor in the world and the companies in China with the fastest development in foreign markets, the list of names in Etrans Shenzhen is most convincing, and also is the most accurate answer. ” Said an expert for foreign trade services smilingly.
“Good reputation” not hidden by doing things silently, with foreign customers coming “with no invitation”
When seeing the name list of customers of Etrans Shenzhen, one marketing expert said, “If one business personnel is arranged to visit the customers one by one, it will take ten years to contact them and reach cooperation; and to reach the same promotion performances, it will require millions of thousands of dollars!”

Obviously, the history of Etrans Shenzhen is not long, and there is also no huge profit in the translation industry, so Etrans Shenzhen did not take time of ten years, and did not spend millions of thousands of dollars. Then, why Etrans Shenzhen reached such performances?

“Our team members are hard working technical talents, rather than marketing talents good at liaisons and promotions. We have so many customers of high levels, because when we provide fine services to the customers, they will introduce new customers! Many international companies have very close business contacts!” Introduced Mr. Cao.

One example leaving a deep impression for Mr. Cao is that one German company asked Etrans to translate some documents, and when the project was completed, the customer was very satisfied, and the next time, it brought about 20 new customers. As the boss of the German customer is the leader of one German local chamber of commerce, he recommended Etrans Shenzhen to all the members in the chamber.

When the reputation is spread in the customers, Etrans Shenzhen has also established close cooperation relationship with dozens of translation companies in Europe and the United States. When the customers of the translation companies in Europe have translation project in Asia, they will directly recommend them to Etrans Shenzhen.
Secret to become an “international” translation company: Strength and service
As a translation company, how does Etrans Shenzhen win the trust of international companies? Not only many colleagues in the same industry hope to know the “select”, so does many companies not in the translation industry want to know the answer to improve their “marketing secrets”.
“We have no ‘secret’. If you say there is, that is to be considerate, responsible and perfect to complete every project, and give the best service experience to the customer. ” Said Mr. Cao.

According to information, in Etrans Shenzhen, every project is completed through ten links, and for core translations, the principle of “translation, revision, proofreading, reviewing and finalization” is strictly followed. What’s more important is that for every customer, whether with large or small business scale, Etrans Shenzhen always comply with the concept of “cooperation for eternal friends”, and when the project is completed, the termbase for translation is immediately established for the customer for easier future cooperation and communications.

Whether the translation is suitable for the language context is a common difficulty almost in the whole translation industry. For middle and small translation company, this issue can hardly be solved. However, this is not an issue in Etrans Shenzhen.

“For the translation in any language, we would ask linguist experts to ensure the quality after completion of the translation, so as to ensure the most typical and accurate localization. For example, for the translation between Chinese and Russian, we have Chinese linguist experts and Russian experts to ensure the final quality. The Russian experts are typical Russian linguist experts and have many years’ translation experience. ” Said Mr. Cao to the author.

Undoubtedly, “To do, do things best, and create optimum experience to the user”, which is best shown in the services provided by Etrans Shenzhen, and is also the greatest “secret” for Etrans Shenzhen to be favored by hundreds of international companies.

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