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逮捕没有违反任何美国或加拿大法律的中国公民,是严重侵犯人权的行为。 It is a serious violation of human rights to arrest a Chinese citizen who did not violate any U.S. or Canadian laws.


世界首例基因编辑婴儿world's first gene-edited babies


双胞胎女婴露露和娜娜a pair of twin baby girls, Lulu and Nana


对艾滋病毒免疫be immune to HIV


通过基因编辑改变人类胚胎make changes to human embryos with genetic editing


宣布辞去民主进步党主席的职务。 Tsai Ing-wen resigned as chairwoman of the Democratic Progressive Party


忽视许多团体的利益 ignore the interests of many groups


九二共识 1992 Consensus 


迫使两岸关系陷入僵局 force the cross-Straits ties into a deadlock


不愿投票支持民进党候选人 be reluctant to vote for the DPP's candidates



巩固传统友谊,加强两国合作 consolidate traditional friendship and strengthen cooperation between the two countries'


中西双方同舟共济、互利合作、共克时艰。 China worked together with Spain like passengers in a same boat to overcome difficulties through mutually beneficial cooperation. 


提升两国全面战略伙伴关系水平 enhance the China-Spain comprehensive strategic partnership


夯实双边关系政治基础 strengthen the political foundation for bilateral ties 


加强两国发展理念交流和战略对接 build greater synergy between our development visions and strategies


做好双边关系发展顶层设计make proper top-level planning for the growth of our relations


深化两国务实合作,拉紧双边关系利益纽带deepen practical cooperation and expand shared interests


扩大两国人文交流,厚植双边关系民意基础expand cultural and people-to-people exchanges and build stronger public support for bilateral relations


密切两国国际合作,维护世界和平、稳定、繁荣strengthen cooperation in international affairs and uphold peace, stability and prosperity in the world



促销日 promotional day


成交额 transaction volume


大件产品 big-ticket items 



对抗抑郁症 battle depression


电影在娱乐性、社会性和人性上实现平衡 make a balance among entertainment, the sociality, and the humanity of a film


感动了中国观众touch the hearts of Chinese audiences


国家公务员考试 National Public Servant Exam


行政职业能力测验 administrative aptitude test


专业技能测试 professional skill test


进一步调查further investigation


藏医药浴 Lum medicinal bathing of Sowa Rigpa


人类非物质文化遗产 Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity


关于生命健康和疾病预防、治疗的知识和实践 the knowledge and practices concerning life, health and illness prevention and treatment


体现了疾病预防和治疗的民间经验 embody the folk experience in disease prevention and treatment


代表了现代健康实践中传统藏医理论的继承和发展 represent an inheritance and development of the traditional Tibetan medicine theories in modern health practices


调整身心平衡 adjust the balance of mind and body


对藏族人民的日常生活产生重要影响 have an important bearing on the everyday life of people of the Tibetan ethnic group


联合国教科文组织The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)


冰毒crystal meth




陈羽凡两项药物检测均呈阳性。Chen Yufan tested positive for both drugs.


取消了备受关注的演唱会cancel a much-anticipated live concert


让朋友们失望let down friends




火上浇油 add fuel to the fire


自由贸易试验区pilot free trade zones (FTZs)


对中国经济的发展产生深远的影响 having a far-reaching impact over the development of the Chinese economy


成为全球资产管理中心 becoming a global asset management center


助推欠发达内陆地区发展,推动“一带一路”建设 promoting the country's undeveloped interior and facilitating the Belt and Road Initiative


国际物流的交汇点 a junction for international logistics