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GALA Localization Forum at tcworld 2015

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10-12 November 2015. Stuttgart, Germany


The tekom annual conference is the biggest and most popular event for technical communication worldwide. During the second day, we will present the GALA Localization Forum, addressing topics related to translation and localization. The call for proposals is open through 15 May.


The GALA Localization Forum

The GALA Localization Forum is a series of sessions addressing translation and localization topics, designed for content authors, technical writers, and localization managers.


GALA @ tekom

Throughout the conference, GALA will host a booth in the Associations World area where it will promote the association and its members, and share information and demos on GALA programs and platforms. Attend our sessions or stop by our booth. We look forward to seeing you there!


GALA members are entitled to registration discounts for tekom/tcworld. Registration opens in September. When you register, please include your company name and state that your company is a member of GALA.


Location: International Congress Center (ICS) Stuttgart
Dates: 10-12 November 2015, 09.00 - 18.00


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