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Broderick on the Cutting Edge of Translation Services

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In an ever shrinking global market, business translations are becoming a pressing priority for many small businesses. Cody Broderick, CEO of inWhatLanguage, has found the “secret sauce” for translation services in his new platform, “Unify”. Broderick shared the story behind his success with Business Made SImple. 
inWhatLanguage offers fast, accurate and cost-effective ways to translate websites, documents, software, multimedia website, and mobile applications in more than 160 languages and 120 countries. This impressive translation occurs while continuously managing and maintaining all content in the cloud. Certified linguists who are experts in the fields related to the client’s subject keep the translations natural and accurate. The linguists cover everything from medical, legal, IT, technical, engineering, engineering technology, law, the hotel industry, and upscale restaurants, commerce. Broderick said, “Our industry-specific expertise ensures the translation style and writing tone are correct, and that the message is conveyed with the exact meaning intended.” 
In the ever expanding amount of international business, it is vital to ensure that translation services meet the cultural as well as literal meaning. This is especially true in marketing.  “Marketing is supposed to invoke some type of feeling—whether a brand or a written text, it makes you think a certain way or feel a certain way. It's very challenging in language and in translation to convey the exact meaning. The company ensures that's done. They take the time to apply science and workflow methodology to translate content and make sure it's adapted correctly.” - Broderick. InWhatLanguage guarantees content is adapted correctly for Asia, Europe, and South America, which in turn ensures the growth of those markets for their clients.
In his interview with Utah Business Talk, Broderick revealed that Unify, the company’s proprietary cloud-based translation management system (TMS), is the success differentiator that makes inWhatLanguage successful. According to Broderick, Unify provides an “A to Z ability to translate content very easily and rapidly, and provides control and access for our clients. A client can start the project, see what's going on in the project, download the project, and interact with our team the entire time.” 
Any of the company’s translators throughout the world can access the system and be logged on real-time. Work flows into the system, immediately allowing access to the materials that need to be translated. This process adds to the custom localization services. Broderick explained: “The days of working through email and saying ‘here's a file and an attachment,’ or going through another SaaS tool is gone in our system. It's cloud-based so any translator anywhere in the world can access the system and be logged on live.”
Broderick outlined the client collaboration process between the clients and inWhatLanguage: “It’s a collaboration platform, because the client can log into the system and check the translation in real-time. The system also provides access to the client’s own subject matter experts so they can give opinions on the work being done instead of waiting until it’s finished. This allows the work to be finished quickly and accurately.” This process saves a lot of time in the lifecycle of a translation.
Unify continues to improve its speed and accuracy for repeat clients with translation memory. Broderick said, “When the client submits new content to us we analyze the new content against what has already been translated. And if there are existing sentences or phrases they get automatically pre-populated. That's called ‘translation memory.’ It helps us make future content consistent, because it has already's been translated in the past. This cuts the cost down for repeat clients since some content doesn’t need to be re-translated when it’s already in the database.” The database is also split by department because the terminology and style for areas such as marketing is different from legal or medical or technical engineering. 
“We're very, very focused on relationships and providing a red-carpet experience—providing the absolute best service in our industry of communicating, not hiding behind email, but calling and staying active. We send our clients video messages every day. We're engaged. But I think above and beyond those things we have a technology platform that is very valuable for enterprise clients who need to rapidly translate their websites, documents or software.”
Company culture is a buzz word for many growing companies. inWhatLanguage has a unique way of giving back while team-building. The entire company goes out every month to serve the community. Broderick said, “We're helping Make-a-Wish Kids with their wishes. We're helping many different non-profits, families, and eterans; we provide monetary support and help people with cancer; and we turn it into a team-building event.” Broderick continued, “We're taking time away in the middle of the day to go contribute to the community. But it's great because our team loves it. They love knowing they're making a difference outside.” A favorite community activity was throwing a Frozen party, complete with Queen Elsa, for a six-year-old girl fighting leukemia. At the end, they gave money and gas cards to her parents to help them get to treatments. 

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