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Non-Disclosure Agreement

source:未知 Editor:supermanTime:2015-05-21 10:46

We recognize the importance of your business information and any document provided by the client will be strictly protected.
Any person involved in the documents will strictly comply with confidentiality policies and unless client permission is given, any and all client documents and any personal client information will not be disclosed by us to any irrelevant third party.
Confidentiality measures:
■ Client documents and personal information are treated as confidential and must be strictly protected during translation.
■ All employees in the company sign a non-disclosure agreement to maintain the confidentiality of client business secrets in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
■ We ensure that only personnel related to the project can access the documents and any content will not be disclosed to any irrelevant party.
■ When the project is completed, all electronic documents related to project will be deleted.
(We will provide the image of the agreement and download link here.)