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Cloud-based, collaborative human translation platform MotaWord has announced the launch of its new Translation API. The API provides access to the translation platform’s functionality, allowing users access to MotaWord’s high-quality, high-speed translations for more than 70 languages.
MotaWord says it achieves its translating service by providing a cloud-based translation platform that combines the efforts of several efficient human translators. Translators are able to log in to projects simultaneously and collaborate to provide a better translation service, the company says. The translators take on different tasks within a project and collaborate by using a shared workspace and resources. This streamlines communication and greatly reduces time spent on each project, lowering costs considerably, according to the company. What this means for end users is that by simply submitting text and documents on the MotaWord site and accepting the quote issued, they can be presented with perfectly translated documents in a fraction of the time it takes with other translation agencies, MotaWord says.
With its new Translation API service, MotaWord aims to provide a more streamlined approach to translation by allowing developers and enterprises to automate and integrate the ordering and delivery of translated documents into their own systems. Users will be able to get quotes; submit new projects; add documents, style guides and glossaries to projects; track a project’s progress; fetch activity feeds in real time; and more.
In a press release on PRWeb, founder and CEO Evren Ay said:
Until now, getting high-quality translation fast was expensive, time consuming and quality was unreliable. MotaWord and our new API allows access to very high-quality translation — the kind you would expect from high-end translation agencies — at a fraction of the cost and at unrivaled speed. Our collaborative approach ensures that.
Oytun Tez, MotaWord’s lead developer and co-founder, added:
We listened to the needs of our enterprise clients and developed our API based on their requests. Our vendor management teams are working to push us beyond 70 languages, while our development team makes sure that our translation API and platform functionality is always growing in line with client expectations.

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