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Etrans - Three advantages

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"To carry out in-depth cooperation and communications with customers in China, it won't work without a professional translation service company!" Said Barton, a British employee in one international company.

The disappointing sigh of Barton is not rare. It is shown in investigations that in an era of integrated global economy, communications and cooperation in the world market are gradually deepened, and the translation market followed suit, with a fast development trend. However, in the current translation market, there are no rigorous regulatory systems, translators have different levels,the translation quality cannot be verified, the after-sales services are hard to be controlled, and for some foreigners or outsiders, they do not know how to make choices.

In this background, Etrans Co., Ltd. (Etrans), on the basis of its three “grand” advantages as specialty, quality and fine services, wins advantageous positions in the market, and successfully obtains the recognition and trust from customers with high level translation services.
While the translation services of companies with different levels vary, the quality can only be discerned with sharp eyes
"Often when the contract is to be signed, there are still points which cannot be reached with the customer, and later, it is found out that the problems are caused by the translation. Each time, the so called ‘most professional’ services are used, but frequently problems exist. " Barton complained, with no satisfactory translation company found after repeated searches.

According to the address provided by Barton, the author visited the translation company which is “most professional in the industry”. The truth is that the 5 translators in the translation company are teachers engaged from foreign languages institutes, and all of them work part-time, with no long-term professional translation experiences. When the author asked how the quality of the translation is ensured, one translator said, “there should be no large deviations when translated with a CAT software, and after careful proofreading, the translation is delivered to the customer when it feels good. As the customers need the translation urgently, they will not make large troubles, and we can also get paid smoothly!”

To our knowledge, cases like Barton who is urgent to get a professional translation company but encounters an “untrustworthy” one frequently occur, and in 80% of such cases, money is paid, but things are not well done.

According to incomplete statistics, in China, there are at least 600,000 translators, and there are about 5,000 registered translation companies. The translators have different levels, have no professional background, and depend much on CAT software, and there is no guarantee of the translation quality and there is lack of standardized rate, which are common issues in the translation companies.

Of course, Barton finally found the right answer. As recommended by an affiliated company, Barton contacted Etrans, and signed the annual cooperation contract after the cooperation for the first time was pleasantly completed.

"Etrans has a team of professional high caliber translators and proofreaders, as well as profound translation experiences, which can win the appreciation of people! It is a partner hard to get. " Said Barton.
Three advantages in terms of quality, service and profession lay a solid foundation for Etrans to establish a leading position
It is said that Etrans engages about 3,000 employees, who are State level professional translators and proofreaders, native language speaking translators and proofreaders with professional knowledge, experts returned from foreign countries, professional foreign linguists, and experienced high qualification foreign language professionals, and all the translators have over 10 years’ translation experience in their own sectors. Members in the team have high qualification skills for languages, have localization business management experience, have cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises all the year round, and are familiar with the work processes and the well known software in various industries, such as SDL Trados Studio and Wordfast, and without doubt they have high professional qualifications and good code of conduct.

"Etrans has the best service quality, profession and service attitude in translation companies with which I have cooperation!” Said Barton when making comments on the services of Etrans.

This is true. In terms of translation quality, on the basis of translation experts, Etrans follows the highly efficient standard operation procedures of “translation, revision, proofreading, reviewing and finalization”, uses professional DTP to perfect the documents, and rigorously follows the SOP for the translation projects, so as to ensure translation quality. At the same time, Etrans also carries out classifications for the sectors in the translation services, so the translations match well with the industries, ensuring the accuracy of the translation terminologies, and reaching “faithfulness, coherence and elegance” of the translations. In addition, Etrans wins good appraisals from customers with its fine translation services.

"Etrans is selected because of its fine service, in addition to its high quality of translation and profession. Etrans establishes professional glossaries and translation memory for old customer and long term customers to provide customized high quality translation services, and can also according to the requirements of customers provide the source files, PS files or PDF files, realizing minimum costs and maximum values for customers. "Said Hans, an old customer of Etrans, who is the head of a German company in Shenzhen.

According to Hans, mistranslation, missing content or misspelling never happened during the cooperation between his company and Etrans, and the glossary translations confirmed by the company were stored in the translation memory, ensuring the consistence in the subsequent translations, which enable him to “feel relaxed and at ease”.

Profession plays an important role in efficiency, and quality speaks for goodwill. Currently, Etrans has over 500 long-term customers, including large well known State owned enterprises such as China Mobile and China Agricultural Bank, as well as world famous companies such as IBM, APPLE, McDonald’s, Volkswagen and Samsung, and it has become an honorary member of GALA and Proz, and as a sparkling star, it is highlighted in domestic translation companies of different levels. It is certain that in the future, with high quality professional translation services, Etrans will help more companies make fast development.


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