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Etrans wins with its goodwill

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“To translate documents, it is correct to cooperate with Etrans!” Said Ms Wu, Director of one foreign trade company in Xi’an in one recent foreign trade enterprises exchange when translation is mentioned.

In the background of globalization, more and more foreign companies come to China, and also more and more Chinese companies go abroad. The role of translation is becoming more and more important, and for many companies, it is key to find a “reliable” translation company. However, among hundreds and thousands of translation companies, how will you make your selections?

As said by experts, currently, to select one translation company, you shall pay attention to “three aspects”. The first one is the history. Normally the founder of “reliable” translation companies is experienced in the translation sector, and also has experience to serve large companies. The second one is the capabilities. Good translation companies not only have high-caliber translators, but also establish rigorous work processes. And the third one is the cases. Translation companies with strong strength would reveal openly some of their cases to the customers for references. In the cases, it is very easy for people to judge the professional level and the quality of the translation services of the company.

As a matter of fact, because of the “three aspects”, Hong Kong Etrans Co., Ltd. comes out as outstanding in different levels of translation companies, and becomes the common selection of customers.

“We select Etrans after repeated comparisons. Compared to other companies, the founders of Etrans Shenzhen are experienced translators and senior project management talents. It is famous in Hong Kong, and international companies such as Apple, Bluetooth, Dell, and Intel are customers of the company. In terms of service quality, it has a team of first level translators, and also have rigorous service processes to ensure the quality, so we can be care free. Moreover, it dare to disclose their cases for verification!” Explained Ms Wu in one exchange for selecting Etrans Shenzhen.

According to Ms Wu, she has had cooperation with Etrans Shenzhen for over one year, and over two hundred documents of various types were translated, and no problem occurred. It is the “most satisfactory translation company” they cooperated with these years.

Similarly, to develop market in China, many foreign famous translation companies also select Etrans Shenzhen as their partner, mostly because of their expertise and the reputation in the industry. Though Etrans Shenzhen was established for a short time, many experienced employees in the company have long-term cooperation with various foreign translation companies before, and deep understanding has been established. After establishment, Etrans Shenzhen, by integrating all the customers and resources, significantly makes improvement in terms of flexible and fixed conditions, so more and more foreign translation companies seek for cooperation for its reputation. Among World Top 20 translation companies, 5 have cooperation with the company.

Some foreign customer comments, “Etrans is a very professional company, and I know some project managers in it, with cooperation before. After they joined Etrans, our cooperation processes become more smooth, and the quality is further ensured, and our customers are very satisfied, and we get more benefits. We strongly recommend Etrans Shenzhen to a broad range of companies requiring translation services.”

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