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Etrans provides first rate translation services

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“Any high quality product is produced in accordance with rigorous processes, so are services, and Etrans Shenzhen is a representative in the translation sector. ” Said an experienced translation expert recently in one translation symposium.

“Etrans Shenzhen” mentioned by the expert is Hong Kong Etrans Co., Ltd., which has become famous in the translation industry though with a short history of establishment, and it not only wins businesses from domestic and foreign famous companies, but also wins reputation, and it is called “the most professional translation company in China” and “an integrated translation company with the highest strength in Hong Kong and CBD in Shenzhen”.

One of the “secrets” for it to become “popular” is the “rigorous process management” mentioned by the expert.
Status of the translation industry in terms of “processes”: Many companies are careless and random, but a few are “reliable”.
“In the opinion of many people, translation is the work of conversion of language by people, but the fact is not like this. Translation is a comprehensive work, and a very professional team is needed to follow the established processes to coordinate, otherwise problems occur. ” Said Mr. Cao, General Manger of Etrans Shenzhen to the author.

It is shown in surveys that currently the domestic translation services are mostly provided by individual translators and large quantity of small translation companies, basically with no profession operation, and there are different levels of quality. However, due to limits of workforce, small translation companies can only provide translation services for limited languages, and due to lack of standardized operation processes, “laughing stocks” often occur.

In 2013, some foreign languages institute in Wuxi organized some students to carry out street investigations, and found that inaccurate bilingual translations are frequent. For example. the translation for 锡沪西路 (XiHU Xi Lu) should be:  West Xihu Road; and the translation for 紧握扶手 (Hold the handnail) should be:  Hold the Handrail (spelling mistake); and the translation for 禁止倚靠 (Don't Lean Against) should be:  No Leaning. Such mistakes can be seen everywhere.

It is mentioned in the recommendations proposed by the institute that the English translation is to provide convenience to foreigners, and the translation shall be based on English contexts, otherwise foreigners cannot understand them, and they may even become “international laughing stocks”.

“Such translations are the work of individual translators or small translation companies not so professional! As there are no standardized processes, it is hard to control the quality, and ‘laughing stocks’ cannot be avoided. In case that business contracts have such issues, the economic losses may be millions or even tens of millions of dollars, and the consequences are imaginable! Therefore, the translation shall be done by companies with standardized processes and strength. ” Said an expert in the translation industry with worry.
With the principle of “translation, revision, proofreading, reviewing and finalization”, Etrans Shenzhen ensures quality with processes
Undoubtedly, Etrans Shenzhen is a “company with standardized processes and strength”, and what do they do?

“In Etrans Shenzhen, any business shall go through the processes of ‘translation, revision, proofreading, reviewing and finalization’, and the possibility of any small mistake can be avoided from the policy. " Said Mr. Cao, General Manager of Etrans Shenzhen.

In fact, in Etrans Shenzhen, the translation service processes are not only “translation, revision, proofreading, reviewing and finalization”, but from the receiving of purchase orders and the delivery of high quality translation to the customer, a total of ten links are followed.

Firstly, the business department receives and negotiates the businesses, and the project manager follows up and understands the specific field and the level of difficulties. When the business is determined, Etrans Shenzhen would arrange proper translation and review personnel to form a project team, and then the project team would communicate the work requirements and unify the terms. After the translators carry out translation and check, the translation is delivered to the technical experts for review and ensure the use of field specific terms and expressions, and then the translation is delivered to the linguist experts for review and ensure smooth expressions. When it is confirmed that there is no mistake, the translation is delivered to the DTP department for DTP, and finally the translation is delivered to the customer. However, for Etrans Shenzhen, the work is not completed till this step. When the project is completed, Etrans Shenzhen will also store the terms of the customer into the translation database for future use.

“The ten links are closely related to each other, and the core links are translation, revision, proofreading, reviewing and finalization, and are also the measures to ensure the translation service quality.” Said Mr. Cao.
With the processes becoming the “industry standards” in China, Etrans Shenzhen takes its leading position in the translation industry.
The standardized processes not only enable Etrans Shenzhen to provide high translation service quality, but also help Etrans Shenzhen win many loyal customers.

“We are strong in terms of industrial fields, and most translation companies are not competent. Etrans Shenzhen not only smoothly completed the first purchase order, but also established the termbase for translation for smoother communications. Currently, when our translation tasks are delivered to them, basically there is nothing to clarify! The translations can be delivered with high efficiency and high quality. ” Said Ms Xiao, director of one company in Shenzhen responsible for trades in the Middle East with a praising tone for the services of Etrans Shenzhen.

However, in the opinion of Mr. Han, director of one software company in Beijing, Etrans Shenzhen presents another sense in terms of service. “As for the localization translation services provided by Etrans Shenzhen, you can be care free. We often have document translations between Chinese and German, and for any translation, Etrans Shenzhen would arrange Chinese and German linguistic experts after completion of the translation, so the German or Chinese translations can be most typical, and especially for the German translation, the accuracy of the translation surprises the German partner!”

Because of standardized processes and high quality services, Etrans Shenzhen not only establishes long term cooperation with hundreds of domestic and foreign famous companies, but also becomes a member of the world famous translation associations as GALA, and the translation processes have also been adopted by many domestic translation companies as the “standards”, which further undoubtedly stabilizes the leading position of Etrans Shenzhen in the domestic translation industry.

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