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Etrans - Integrity for customers and trust for goodwill

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"I should get paid when the translation project was completed, but as a matter of fact, the payment was received after urging for one year! So it can be said that the payment was dunned. " In the beginning of March, Ms. Wang, an experienced translator in Guangzhou received a large amount of remittance, which should be happy news, but she was not excited at all.

As a matter of fact, the case of Ms. Wang is not rare for domestic translators. Domestic translation companies mostly provide services for foreign companies, but the payment term in foreign companies is usually 3 - 6 months, and then many translation companies base on this excuse to delay the payment for the translators, and some companies even "disappear" when the translation projects are completed, which puzzles the translators.

In this case, in the domestic translation industry, only companies making payment and caring for goodwill can retain first level translators, and only companies with enough strength can make payment in time or even in advance, and Etrans Shenzhen (Etrans Co., Ltd.) is a representative.
"Nuisance" for translators: Companies decline payment and "disappear"
Recently, Jack saw an advertisement for excellent translators when he visited the website idly. He sent his resume, and complied with the requirements to return the trial translation, and received the invitation the next day to ask him to complete all the translations. Jack was very excited when he attempted to make a try, and put his heart into the translations for half a month, and his friends even said that he got mad. However, what happened later really made him "mad".

After one and a half month, Jack sent the translations with confidence to the headquarter for review. With no reply after several days, he couldn’t help making a call to the translation company, but he was refused with various reasons, and finally the telephone couldn’t be connected.
When Tosion, a colleague of Jack knew his experience, he disclosed the fact angrily in some forum, "After studying hard for dozens of years, all are nothing with no money!” When the message was posted, there were tens of thousands of clicks within a short time of several hours. A friend with the web name called "Flower butterfly" said ironically, "Last year Where we are going was popular, and this year where is time is popular, and currently where is the translation company is popular!"

According to statistics, in the domestic translation industry, the case of Jack is not rare. When many exciting translators have initial contacts with the translation companies, due to insufficient experience, most of them encounter translation companies with persuading words which "disappear". "Such troublesome experience is very hard!" Replied Lily who was harmed much.

To deal with such cases, Etrans Shenzhen, an honorary member of World Famous Translation Associations as GALA and Proz would like to remind the translators that: To select a translation company, you must be prudent, and cooperate with companies with strength, and it is better to sign a contract and get partial payment in advance!"
What is the conscience in the industry? The "Grand Plan" of Etrans Shenzhen speaks
"Issues of payment for translators often occur, which is caused by the 'industry practice' in the translation industry and the different levels of domestic translation companies. " Said Mr. Cao, General Manager of Etrans Shenzhen.

According to Mr. Cao, translation companies often have cooperation with foreign companies, but the payment term for foreign companies is normally 3 - 6 months, and most translation companies also postpone the payment for the translators for 3 - 6 months, and the foreign translators get used to this fact, but for China, as the market practices are not standardized enough, and the translation companies have different levels, many companies make use of the "industry practice" to steal the work fruits of the translators.

Then, what is the practice for Etrans Shenzhen which is considered as the “most reliable” one by the translators?

"Our payment term is the 45th day after completion of the project, and though it is not the fastest one in the industry, it is short in the industry, and upon expiry, the payment is made, with no delay. As for translators for cooperation for the first time, we will make payment early to remove any worry. " Explained Mr. Cao.

According to information, though the practice of Etrans Shenzhen wins the trust of the translators, financial pressure in some degree occurs. Like the whole industry, the time of settlement between foreign customers and Etrans Shenzhen is still 3 - 6 months, and whether for payment after 45 days after completion of projects or early payment in the initial cooperation, the payment is made in advance by the company. The larger the project, the higher the advance payment. For example, in March, Etrans Shenzhen received a project for translation from Japanese into Chinese, with a workload of millions of words, and both hundred of old and new translators participated in the project, and the company made advance payment for tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, advance payment can cause risks to the company in some degree. For example, in case that the translation quality of any translator is not high and rework is required, the company has to make other payment to others to revise the translation.

"In the domestic translation industry, only a few companies dare to make large amount of payment for the translators on time before the payment from the customer is received! Only companies with certain scale and strength can take this practice, and have the foundation to do like this!" Commented by some people in the industry.

In fact, the commitment to strictly making payment and advance payment also lies a solid foundation for Etrans Shenzhen to become a first rate domestic translation company.
With "Payment for loyalty", Etrans Shenzhen becomes the “best” translation company in China
“Etrans Shenzhen has strong strength and goodwill, and makes payments in time, and you can be care free in cooperation with such company!" Said Ms Wang, an experienced translator in cooperation with Etrans Shenzhen to our author.

According to information, with a team of elite translators, the service quality of Etrans Shenzhen has been the standard in the industry, and the work processes of “translation, revision, proofreading, reviewing and finalization” have been followed in the industry, and over 200 world famous companies seek for cooperation. The company was also accepted as an honorary member of world famous translation associations as GALA, ATA, TAC and Proz.

“Success comes from persistent pursuit of the service quality, but cooperation comes from deep trust, and it is lucky for me to select Etrans Shenzhen! As a member in the team of translators in Etrans Shenzhen, I feel very proud!” Said a translator in Etrans Shenzhen.

“As your translation partner, we will ensure to build a perfect bridge for you when you need to communicate with your audience in another language. ” This is a voice from Etrans Shenzhen; “Partner with Etrans Shenzhen and realize your translation dream!” Said in a voice from translators loving translation. The evidences of strong strength and perfect system of trust have attracted elites to Etrans Shenzhen, which will make outstanding performances in the increasingly keen market competition!

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