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Advertorial marketing services

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Do you feel disappointed when you fail to find good promotion approaches to develop the market in China?
In China market, advertorial promotion is a very good method which can save time and labor. With it, your product can be searched at the fastest speed for a high number of searches, and your company brand identity can then be improved.
In China, Baidu functions as Google. And through advertorial promotion, your company news and product info can be released as soon as possible in various media and websites in China, so such news and info can be fast included in Baidu, and then they can be forwarded to various media websites in a high volume. When customers and consumers search the key words, your news and info can be fast put on the first page for news of Baidu search. Moreover, the release of company info and news in various famous media can better improve the fame and brand effects of your company in China.

What is advertorial marketing?

To be simple, network advertorial marketing is to release promotion articles, news, and meeting activities about your company or articles which can attract the attention of readers in many different news media, and then users can read the relevant articles from the media or by searching the key words on the search engine, so as to create advertising effects.
Currently many companies use advertisement as the main promotion mode, and whether through TV, newspaper, broadcasting, or magazine, outdoor media, etc., companies release the relevant info to consumers in the form of active advertisement. However, with the development of Internet, the info era comes, and active advertisements have been differentiated and diluted, and company advertisements are softened and shielded to generate the current advertorial marketing.
With the coming of advertorial marketing, it is definitely closely connected to Internet, and news dissemination has a fast feature, and Internet increases news dissemination to the maximum speed. It is shown in research reports that, with the same amount of expenditures, network advertisement generates effects four times of advertisement in traditional media.

Dissemination effects of advertorial marketing:

1. Your brand is not famous enough, and it is not completely trusted by customers.
2. Various types of promotions have been tried, but the cost was high, and the effects were not good either.
3. Advertorials were ever released, but the effects were not ideal, and more professional service providers were required for help.
4. When searching the first page on Baidu, Your company or product info cannot be found on the first page of search in Baidu.
5. SEO is being established, and it is required to put the external link permanently to the news website.

What can we do?

- News release preparation and advertorial release.
- Marketing through event sensationalization.
- Deep marketing of news event.

Our four advantages 

Faster speed 
Info is fast and accurately contributed to the specified network media within seconds to have the info spread at the fastest rate! 
More authoritative 
Promote in the form of news, to improve the identity of companies and products fast and at low cost, and to establish positive impressions of companies!
Easy to search 
Searchable in the news search results in search engines such as Baidu and 360 Search in the first time, and ranking in the leading positions!
Wide coverage 
Promote in the mode of news dissemination to achieve frequent news exposure. In addition, with a wide range of regional media, the news can be released and spread to the accurate media in various industries as required by your region!

Advertorial release

We have over 8,000 domestic media resources, covering diversified media such as most network media, professional and industry media, domestic large portals, local info ports, and professional network users.
① Spread info fast and accurately within seconds. When crisis manage is needed by companies, the advertorial release system can release notices in dozens of domestic famous media within several hours to minimize losses of companies.
② Improve the impression of companies and products fast and at low cost through news promotion, so that they will become more authoritative.
③ Realize frequent news exposures through promotion by news dissemination.
④ Ensure that news release is spread to media of various professional fields in accordance with your regional coverage needs.

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